How much does auto AC repair cost in 2020? Average pricing for this type of repair generally runs between $1,000-$5,000, according to

AC Inspection And Repair

Based on the average cost, a typical AC unit repair is priced around $2,500. It is a hefty price tag, but in the scorching-hot Arizona summers, the repair is certainly a necessity. Some of the most common AC repairs are inspections and diagnostics, plus minor and major AC repairs. Of course, pricing for those three services is listed from lowest to highest. Major AC repairs can cost nearly $4,000, depending on the damage and labor needed.

Car AC compressor repair and replacement is a relatively cheap option, compared to major AC repairs. Typically, replacement costs $400, with labor costs nearly identical. Car owners looking for AC compressor replacement should be prepared to pay at least $800 total. An AC unit installation is perhaps the most expensive process in 2020. The installation alone costs around $3,000, which can vary based on the vehicle that needs servicing.

Two more things to keep an eye on would be the AC hose and compressor clutch. Depending on the car, these two services can cost the same amount of money. If you experience any AC issues at all, these two services will likely be the cheapest options for repair and/or replacement.

AC Costs

Here is a detailed list of costs in 2020:

  • AC recharge: $180-$280.
  • Inspection and diagnostics: $100-$300.
  • AC compressor replacement: $500-$1,100.
  • Minor AC repair: $150-$800.
  • Major AC repair: $1,000-$4,000.
  • AC compressor clutch replacement: $200-$750.
  • AC hose repair: $200-$500.

Signs Of Failing AC Units

A failing AC unit may not be obvious at first, but there are several signs to look out for as a car owner. Most issues will be related to your compressor or refrigerant levels. The easiest sign of a failing AC unit is when cold air does not come out or takes a long time to cool. If your unit is blowing out warm or even hot air, there is definitely a problem. The compressor should not make much noise while the unit is in use. Over time leaks may spring up. If your refrigerant leaks, you will not be able to properly use your AC unit. Any sort of leaking calls for immediate repairs. One last issue to keep an eye on is the compressor clutch. If this clutch will not engage, it’s time to call your trusted automotive repair shop.


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