If you are searching for “auto brake repair near me” in the Phoenix, Arizona area, then Automotive Diagnostic Specialties can help! Here is a look at brake repair and replacements costs, and reasons why Automotive Diagnostic Specialties should be your number one choice for all your vehicle needs.

When Should Brakes Be Replaced/Repaired?

There are three obvious signs of failing brakes. The first factor is noise. If you notice squeaky brakes at any point when pressing down on them, this is a clear warning sign that they need to be repaired and/or replaced. Noise transmits from the brake area after a protective metal shim becomes exposed to the brake rotor. A high-pitched squeak results from the rubbing of the shim and rotor. When this occurs, make sure to take your car into an auto repair shop immediately.

In some cases, you may not hear any squeaking. Instead, you may notice a vibrating sensation when engaging the brake. This is also not a good sign at all. Excessive vibration indicates that the brake rotors may be warped completely. The vibration means your brake pads are uneven. One last obvious sign is your vehicle pulling when braking. Again, brake pads may be unevenly worn or warped because of improper tire rotation and alignment. All three of these indications are clear signs to get your vehicle serviced.

Brake Repair Costs

Brake repair and replacements can be costly, depending on how severe the damage is and type of vehicle in use. Here is a look at some typical costs for repairs and replacements.

  • Brake pad replacement: $35-$150, per wheel.
  • Brake pad replacement labor: $80-$120, per axle.
  • Rotor replacement: $30-$75.
  • Rotor labor costs: $150-$200. per axle.
  • Complete brake replacement, including labor: $1,000+.

All estimates are according to Call your local and trusted auto shop for a quote to know just how much your brake servicing may cost.

Brake Repair At ADS

Automotive Diagnostic Specialties offers more than just car brake repair. This shop also provides full service for both RV and truck brake repairs. 90% of repairs are performed on vehicles, though, with the suggestion of calling for immediate service whenever metal-on-metal scraping occurs. ADS wants all car owners to know that delaying service on your brakes could only end up causing more damage to the rotors. This delay will only prove more costly in the long run. You can check out all of Automotive Diagnostic Specialties’ brake repairs services right here. 

ADS Offers Brake Service And Repair In Phoenix

Our team of experts will help you in diagnosing and fixing your car AC problem as well as helping with preventative care in a timely and friendly manner. Feel free to email us any questions that you may have by using our contact us form. Automotive Diagnostic Specialties in Phoenix and Chandler does more than just AC repair we also offer general auto repair, radiator replacementauto fleet management, and RV repair. Stop by our AC Repair Shop In Chandler located at 6835 W. Chandler Blvd. Chandler, Arizona 85226 or by giving Automotive Diagnostic Specialties a call today  (480) 961-8704.