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Your car, truck, SUV, or RV brakes are an important component to your automobiles braking capabilities, handling, and safety equipment. Your brakes allow your vehicle to maintain control of your vehicle in both regular and difficult driving conditions such as heavy rain, snow, gravel, and ice. All vehicle owners should get their brake system inspected regularly by a brake repair specialist.  Emergency braking is the test you don’t want to fail, let us make sure your brakes are ready for anything. 

Brake Repair Services

Allow Automotive Diagnostic Specialties to repair your brakes and get you back out on the road safely.  We provide brake repair services at our auto repair shop in Chandler, AZ. Brakes making funny noises or is becoming harder to stop your vehicle? Give us a call at 480-961-8704 or stop by our location to speak with one of our brake technicians.

Car Brake Repair

Car Brake Repair Chandler 90% of all brakes repairs we perform are on cars. Are you car brakes making funny squealing noises? That squealing noise is most likely due metal-on-metal scraping from the metal rod that was installed in your brake pads. That metal rod is to warn you when your brake pads are too low and need to be replaced. What happens if I don’t replace my brake pads soon enough? You could end up causing damage to your rotors, which ends up costing you even more money in repairs.

Truck Brake Repair

Truck Brake Repair Chandler Brake problems are dangerous for any vehicle, but truck brake problems increase the amount of danger tenfold. As a truck driver, you should be able to tell when something is wrong with your truck brakes. Don’t just trust your truck brakes with just any mechanic, trust the professional at ADS who have years of experience in repairing truck brakes.

RV Brake Repair

RV Brake Repair Chandler AZIf your RV brakes go out, everyone is in danger. RV’s are some of the heaviest vehicles on the road. When you’re traveling 65mph in an RV, it can be an unstoppable force if the brakes were to go out suddenly. RV owners should get their brakes checked regularly for their own safety and safety of other drivers out on the road. Get your RV brakes repaired by the true professionals at ADS automotive.

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Read our 5 star brake repair reviews in Chandler, AZ. If you are experiencing brake problems or in need of brake service or repair, Give us a call today @ (480) 961-8704 or save 10% by scheduling your brake repair service online!