how much does car AC condenser replacement cost
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How Much Does Car AC Condenser Replacement Cost?

how much does car AC condenser replacement cost

How Much Does Car A/C Condenser Replacement Cost?

As we enter the summer months, Murphy’s Law says this is the time your car AC condenser will go bad.  Let us discuss how much a car AC condenser replacement costs.

On average, a car AC condenser replacement cost about $679.  According to, replacement in the US for 2020 ranges from $585 to $773.

Labor Estimates for Car A/C Condenser Replacement

Expect the labor to cost between $304 to $385.  Meanwhile, parts will range from $281 to $388.

These estimates exclude taxes and fees.


What is a Car AC Condenser?

The AC condenser part of your car’s heat exchanger.  Its job is to release heat in the engine.  High-pressured refrigerant is pushed through the A/C compressor to the A/C condenser.  The condenser is like the radiator and located near it as well.  Its purpose to help the A/C functionality by converting high pressure and temperature gas into high pressure to lower temperature liquid.


How Does the AC Condenser Work?

By allowing air to flow through the air conditioning condenser, this process cools down the hot gaseous refrigerant inside the condenser.  This enables those gases to exit in a liquid state and proceed to the accumulator.


What Are the Symptoms Related to a Bad AC Condenser?

Your car AC relies on the AC condenser.  Therefore, when the condenser fails, so too the air conditioning.  Your engine idle speed does not oscillate normally when the AC is on.  This causes the air in the car to be slightly warmer than the surrounding temperature.


Can I Drive with an AC Condenser Problem?

Yes, you can continue to drive your car.  Although driving with a failed AC condenser can be uncomfortable in warmer weather.

Leaving a leak in the condenser can lead to dust entering the system.  This could create blockage when you finally get the AC condenser repaired.


When do AC Condensers Need to Be Replaced?

Ideally, you repair the AC condenser before warmer weather.  Mechanically, air conditioning condensers fail when they are damaged by debris.  That debris can lead to a clog in the AC system.

There are small metal fins located on the exterior of the condenser.  When these become matted from an outside substance, your condenser does not work effectively.  This can be repairable with a car AC condenser specialty comb.

Due to the location of car AC condensers, they are highly susceptible to damage in front-end accidents.  If this occurs, the entire AC system should be carefully inspected to guarantee it was not damaged.  This inspection can alert you of the danger for future failure.


Car AC Condenser Replacement Cost by Vehicle

  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500 – $685 to $855
  • Ford F-150 – $515 to $760
  • Honda Accord – $420 to $575
  • Honda Civic – $380 to $540
  • Honda CRV – $425 to $535
  • Nissan Altima – $660 to $795
  • Toyota Camry – $645 to $935
  • Toyota Corolla – $535 to $765


6 Symptoms of a Bad Car AC Condenser

  1. AC air is lukewarm
  2. Burning Smell
  3. Overheating While Idle
  4. Noticeable Leaks of Refrigerant
  5. Warning Lights on Dashboard

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