Engine Repair, Replacement & Rebuild

Repairing, Replacing & Rebuilding Your Engine

The experts at Automotive Diagnostic Services (ADS Auto Repair) know drivers face a tough choice when choosing between an engine repair, rebuilding an engine, or replacing an engine. They are forced to contemplate costs to rebuild or replace an engine, which option makes more sense for their vehicle, and how long the project will take. At ADS, we specialize in engine repair, rebuilds, and replacement for most vehicles, from late model imports to newer domestic vehicles and can help answer these questions. Our certified auto engine repair and replacement technicians will walk you through the best options for your vehicle, explain our suggested resolution, and help you make the most informed decision possible. You will sleep easier knowing that regardless of whether you require an engine repair, replacement, or rebuild, the top engine shop in Chandler, AZ is taking care of your vehicle.

Automotive diagnostics is our specialty and we know from experience that most costly engine replacements can be avoided with correct diagnostics and repair from an honest, qualified engine mechanic like ADS. The accuracy of our state-of-the-art diagnostics systems ensures that only necessary repairs are done, saving you time and money because we get to the root of the problem rather than rebuilding your vehicle part by part.  Unlike a lot of engine mechanics, our mission is to fix the problem the first time in the most cost-effective way possible to keep happy customers trusting us with their vehicles for life. It’s not an accident that we have the most positive reviews and testimonials in the Chandler, AZ area. Our customers truly love and trust us and it shows through our customer reviews.

Fix Common Automobile Problems With Engine Repair Services

The most common engine problems include overheating vehicle, coolant loss, radiator leaking, transmission fluid leaks, transmission slipping, worn spark plugs, loose or missing gas caps, poor engine compression, faulty or broken oxygen sensors, dirty oil, oil leaks, or any other engine problem that would turn your “Check Engine” light on. 

With so many potential causes of your vehicle’s engine problem, it’s crucial to have a team of ASE-certified technicians and high-tech equipment to properly diagnose the issue.

Engine Rebuilding vs. Engine Replacement

Rebuilding an engine can often save you money compared to a full engine replacement, depending on the specific problem you are facing, the duration of labor involved, and the cost of the parts needed for the repair. In some cases, depending on the condition of your engine, a rebuild engine can save you up to half the cost of replacing your engine. You can trust that ADS will give you the most cost-effective option possible and discuss with you whether your vehicle is a candidate for engine rebuilding.

We want to earn your business and trust not just once, but for all your future automotive needs.

Engine Replacement

If it’s not cost effective to rebuild your engine, replacing the engine may be the best option for you.  Replacing the engine will add more years to the life of your vehicle and turn a once problematic automobile into a reliable one while bringing the equity of the vehicle back up as well. Also, replacing the engine will save you from smaller repairs that would have been needed along the way, such as injectors, belts, filters, hoses, and coolant. Our No. 1 priority is to give you the best options available for getting your vehicle back on the road in reliable condition.

Whether you choose to repair, rebuild or replace your engine, ADS will strive to make your experience as quick and painless as possible. 

Engine Maintenance

Performing preventive engine maintenance on your vehicle helps you avoid costly repairs and downtime, and helps your automobile have a longer lifespan. It can help increase fuel efficiency and maintain peak performance. ADS can help get you on a regular engine maintenance schedule. 

Timing Belts

Your vehicle’s timing belt is a critical part of your vehicle’s combustion system. This timing belt synchronizes the crankshaft and camshaft rotation so that your engine valves close and open at the right time. Timing belts should be checked at regular service intervals to ensure proper timing. Allow ADS to inspect your timing belt to determine its health. We’ll let you know as it approaches time for repair or replacement. 

Cylinder Blocks

Your vehicle’s cylinder block houses important engine components such as valves, gaskets, and seals inside the crankcase. The cylinder block is one of the most important parts of your car and is designed to be extremely sturdy and strong. However, it is still susceptible to failure. If your engine won’t start, it could be due to a porous block, cracked block, freeze plug, or core plug failure. If you suspect your vehicle has cylinder block problems, call us today for an inspection.

Cylinder Head

Your vehicle’s cylinder head sits above the block, and closes the top of the cylinder, forming the combustion chamber. The cylinder head is responsible for coordinating the airflow in and out of your engine, so if it isn’t sealing the cylinders properly, it could result in insufficient compression, resulting in diminished power and poor performance. ADS can check cylinder heads for damage and repair any issues before they grow into bigger ones.  

ADS is your trusted engine expert serving Chandler, AZ and the surrounding areas. If you have questions about your vehicle’s engine or would like to schedule an appointment, call us today at (480) 961-8704.