Types of Vehicles

Types of Vehicles ADS Services and Repairs

At Automotive Diagnostic Specialties (ADS Auto Repair) we’ve got a large facility, the latest diagnostic technology, and a staff full of ASE-certified technicians to handle servicing all types of vehicles for auto owners in the Phoenix area. We provide affordable auto repair services for cars, trucks, and SUVs including: Chevy, Chrysler, Honda, Dodge, Ford, Buick, Cadillac, Acura, Nissan, Acura, Audi, Oldsmobile, Ram, Jeep, Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, HUMMER, Hyundai, and more.

But we also specialize in the following:

  • Hybrids and Electric Vehicles (HEVs)Our technicians are experts in servicing hybrid cars and trucks, including motor repair, HEV battery system troubleshooting, and electric/hybrid motor diagnostics. 
  • Alternative fuel vehicles Technological advances have put more and more alternative fuel vehicles on the road each year. These vehicles, which are powered by sources other than traditional petroleum fuels, have unique servicing needs, which our expert technicians specialize in.
  • Diesel semis or trucks/vehicles We handle most types of diesel vehicles, including large work diesels, personal diesel trucks, and diesel fleet vehicles.
  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs)Our large bays and expert technicians can perform maintenance and repairs on your RV to keep it operating optimally before your next road trip. 

Rely on ADS Auto Repair for your next vehicle service. Call us today at (480) 961-8704 to schedule your appointment.