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Service & Repair for Your HEV

The benefits of driving a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle (HEV) are clear. But when it comes to maintenance, service, and repair, these vehicles can be complex. High-voltage systems, the presence of alternating current electrical circuits (compared to direct current electrical circuits in conventional vehicles), and other advanced technologies are harder to diagnose and require expertise from mechanics who specialize in such vehicles. In addition, specialized batteries in hybrid and electric vehicles comprise the most expensive components of the system, and thus should be serviced only by mechanics with years of experience in the field.

At Automotive Diagnostic Specialties (ADS Auto Repair), our ASE-certified hybrid mechanics are experts in hybrid car and truck motor repair, electric/hybrid motor diagnostics, and HEV battery system troubleshooting. We also have the special equipment to run diagnostics on HEVs to help us quickly and accurately pinpoint any issues. And, while fuel-powered vehicles and HEVs have obvious differences, they both require nearly the same maintenance. For instance, hybrid vehicles need their oil changed and transmissions flushed just like gas-powered vehicles. 

We offer those services, plus diagnostic testing, repairs, and preventive maintenance to ensure your HEV constantly operates at optimal performance. We also provide hybrid battery repair and charging, and offer charging stations at our facility! 

Battery Service Basics

Because hybrid vehicles run on both battery and combustible fuel (hence the term hybrid), this means that a hybrid vehicle’s battery plays a larger role than a battery in a fuel-powered vehicle. Special diagnostic technologies and repair techniques are required to troubleshoot hybrid battery issues and make reliable repairs. At ADS Auto Repair we have both the techniques and the tools to help with all of your hybrid battery needs, including:

  • Hybrid battery testing
  • HEV battery repair
  • HEV diagnostics
  • HEV battery replacement
  • Hybrid battery reconditioning
  • Hybrid battery charging

Batteries for Hybrids and Electric Vehicles

Hybrid Battery Repair

The average life expectancy of most hybrid batteries ranges from 8-10 years or 100,000-150,000 miles. To make the battery last as long as possible and continue to operate at its peak, we offer maintenance and repair services. The repair process involves removing the battery pack and Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) cores from the vehicle to run a State-of-Health (SOH) diagnostic. This process includes discharging and recharging the battery to observe the overall cell capacity and energy output. We identify any failing cells or components during testing and repair or replace them as needed. Once we’ve made the repairs or replacements, we place the battery back into the vehicle for testing. Repairing your hybrid battery can add years of performance and efficiency to your hybrid vehicle.

Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

The reconditioning process is very similar to the repair process, in which we begin by giving the battery a SOH test to make sure it can be reconditioned. If it can, we go in and inspect the battery for failing cells or other important battery components and replace them as needed. The reconditioning process will add years of efficiency and performance to your hybrid vehicle.

Hybrid Battery Replacement

When hybrid batteries are beyond repair and require replacing, we offer three options for your hybrid battery replacement including:

  • Replacement with used battery — If reconditioning or repair isn’t an option for you, we can replace your hybrid battery with a used or rebuilt battery for less than the price of a new battery.
  • Replacement with rebuilt battery — Replacing your hybrid battery with a rebuilt battery is also another way to save money. These batteries come with a SOH report and have already been tested and reconditioned
  • Replacement with new battery — If a used or reconditioned hybrid battery isn’t an option for you, we can replace your battery with a brand new one. This is a little more costly but ensures your battery will last a full lifetime.

Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Warranty & Replacement

The average life expectancy of a Toyota Prius hybrid battery is 100,000 to 150,000 miles, and is warranted by Toyota for eight years or 100,000 miles. As long as your battery is still under warranty, Toyota will replace it for free. However, once your Prius is no longer under warranty, we are happy to repair, recondition, or replace your expired NiMH battery pack as needed.

Nissan LEAF Battery Warranty & Replacement

According to ABC Nissan, without warranty or labor costs you should expect to pay between $1,000 and $6,000 to replace your battery, depending on your model and year. The 2020 Nissan LEAF comes with a lithium-ion battery coverage period of 96 months or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. ADS Auto Repair offers repair, reconditioning, and replacement. 

Tesla Battery Warranty & Replacement

According to the Battery Man Guide, a Tesla battery replacement can range from $5000 (Model S) to $6500 (Model S85) to as much as $7000 (Model 3 Teslarati) The warranty also varies depending on model and year. For a Tesla Model S and Model X a battery warranty of eight years or 125,000 miles. For a Tesla Model 3, the standard version is covered for eight years or 100,000 miles, while the long-range version is covered for eight years or 120,000 miles. (However, both are backed with minimum 70% retention of battery capacity over the warranty period.) ADS Auto Repair offers repair, reconditioning, and replacement. 

Chevy Volt Battery Warranty & Replacement

Chevy Volt battery replacement estimates average around $8000 according to GM Authority. Chevy touts an eight-year, 100,000-mile battery and electric part warranty plan. ADS Auto Repair offers repair, reconditioning, and replacement. 

Kia Optima Battery Warranty & Replacement

Repair Pal lists the average battery replacement cost for a Kia Optima hybrid approaching $9000 without taxes or fees. Kia offers a warranty of 10 years or 100,000 miles from the first service date. ADS Auto Repair offers repair, reconditioning, and replacement. 

Ford Fusion Battery Warranty & Replacement

Greentec Auto prices Ford Fusion Hybrid Batteries between $2,350 and $2,950 with the return of your original battery before taxes and labor. Ford offers a 10-year, 150,000-mile warranty for their Fusion Hybrid and Energi models. ADS Auto Repair offers repair, reconditioning, and replacement.

For more on HEV batteries, visit our FAQs article

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