RV Repair

RV Repair & Service

Owning and traveling in a Recreational Vehicle (RV) or motorhome offers freedom, adventure, and fun, creating memories that last a lifetime. However, RVs are also notoriously known for creating headaches due to constant issues and costly repairs. 

But with regular maintenance and care from skilled mechanics, you can keep your RV running at its peak so you can enjoy all that it has to offer. 

At Automotive Diagnostic Specialties (ADS Auto Repair) we offer maintenance and repair services for RVs and motorhomes. We have the diagnostic equipment, the ASE-certified technicians, and large state-of-the-art mechanic bays to take care of your vehicle. For many auto repair shops RVs are too big to even fit through the bay doors. But our shop in Chandler, AZ is large enough to handle RVs and our lifts and equipment can fit your Class A, B, or C motorhomes or RV of all sizes. 


Working on RVs is unlike servicing any other vehicle. Because of the size and construction of RVs many repairs are far more complicated than they would be on cars or trucks. For instance, RV transmission repairs can be complex due to the size and location of the transmission, which is usually buried between multiple other engine components such as the driveshaft or the transfer case.

Nonetheless, we specialize in all services for RVs, including scheduled maintenance, engine diagnostics, drivetrain diagnostics, general repairs, air conditioning repair, brake service (including rotors and drums), and more.

In addition, we provide the following RV and motorhome powertrain and chassis services:

  • Engine tune ups
  • Cooling system diagnosing and repair
  • Brake repair
  • Suspension diagnosis and repair
  • Engine repair and diagnostics
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Upgrades to performance
  • Drivetrain servicing and repair
  • Air conditioning diagnostics and repair

ADS Auto Repair can help get you on a regular maintenance schedule to keep your RV running smoothly and safely for your next journey. Or, if you are experiencing RV engine problems, call us today at (480) 961-8704 to schedule an appointment.