If you are searching for “High Performance Auto Shops Near Me” or “Performance Mechanic Near Me” in Phoenix or Chandler, Automotive Diagnostic Specialties can help!

Does your high performance, exotic, or classic car need repairs or do you want to upgrade? Or would you like to increase the horsepower and fuel mileage of your newer car or truck? At ADS Auto Repair we offer upgrade installation and repair for all of today’s high-performance technologies, like fuel injection systems and yesteryear’s carburetors, adding turbochargers, superchargers, or nitrous oxide, 4-wheel disc brakes, and building and installing custom performance exhaust systems.

“John, Mike Greg and the rest of the team down at ADS are truly a total package.These guys built a high output engine for me that exceeded all my expectations.There work included hammering through every major system on my ride and the level of meticulous performance proved there ability. Thanks a million ADS.” — Greg W.

Hybrid Car Maintenance

Do you need hybrid vehicle repair or maintenance? At ADS Auto Repair we’re highly trained and happy to help your Hybrid car or truck back on the road and thank you for doing your part to care for the environment. Believe it or not Hybrid cars and electric vehicles require nearly the same maintenance as fuel-powered vehicles despite their obvious differences. Hybrid vehicles need their oil changed and transmissions flushed just like gas power vehicles. Bring your electric or hybrid vehicle in to us at ADS Auto Repair and  we’ll help keep your hybrid car in great running shape! These high performance battery systems like most things will need some maintenance after faithfully doing their job. and we offer hybrid battery repair & charging! Come by today to use our charging stations! To learn more about hybrid battery reconditioning go here.

5 Quick Tips for High Performance Vehicles

1. Make Your Hot Rod Quicker without Breaking the Bank.
Putting high-performance gears in your ride can give you the most bang for your performance increasing buck and reduce wasted energy as it transfers from motor to wheel.

2. Increase Your Performance Vehicle’s Horsepower
Just like you, your car can run faster if it can breathe! One of the best ways to get a big boost in horsepower is by adding a custom cold air intake or high performance exhaust system to your car to reduce back-pressure in your engine and help the vehicle draw in enough cold air.

3. Improve Handling of Your Hot Rod
Replacing your stock suspension with a high-performance suspension system will lower your car’s center of gravity and reduce sway when rounding corners – both improving the handling of your car and how much fun it is to drive. Keep your performance fast and level with improved suspension and handling.

4. The Overlooked Performance Factor – Stopping Power
It’s great to increase the speed of your car, but don’t forget it is important to be able to slow down or stop! Four-wheel disc brakes will increase your stopping power for shorter braking distances before turns to give you faster lap times, and for those pesky red lights or other motorists that could use a few driving lessons. Brake balance controllers also help control the brakes and help they work in harmony under uneven braking conditions.

5. New Cars and Custom Performance Chips
Install a performance chip into your newer car to tune your engine to the application you want – even if it’s pure speed. At ADS we have the most advanced software to program your performance chip for your vehicle at the most affordable rates found anywhere. Chips can be programmed to increase power and improve fuel mileage or both.

Call ADS Auto Repair in Chandler for an appointment to upgrade or repair your high performance vehicle at 480-961-8704!

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