Suspension & Steering

Suspension & Steering

The job of the steering and suspension system on your vehicle is to provide optimal handling performance and ride comfort. In short, the system includes shocks, struts, and springs.

Shocks — Hydraulic pump-like components that assist in controlling the impact and rebounding movement of your vehicle’s springs and suspension. They also help your vehicle stop, and newer shocks can shorten your stopping distance by 10 feet and provide increased vehicle stability/driver control.

Struts – Operate similarly to shocks, except they incorporate the vehicle’s suspension spring and spring seats.

Springs and dampers — Allow wheels to move up to absorb bumps in the road and reduce vibration/jolting, while the dampers prevent bouncing up and down.

Over time, even normal driving conditions can cause these components to weaken. These worn shocks, struts, and springs can change how your wheels contact the road, which negatively affects your vehicle’s handling and can cause dangerous oscillation, hydroplaning, and overall hindered performance.

Most automobile manufacturers recommend a steering and suspension system check every 50,000 miles. During that time, your vehicle’s shocks and struts will have cycled more than 85 million times.  However, if in between that mileage interval you notice any of the following potential signs of issues, we’d recommend having us inspect your struts and shocks as quickly as possible:

  • Noises while driving over bumps
  • A bumpy, shaky, or harsh ride
  • Extreme wandering and bouncing
  • Off-center steering wheel, or pulling to one side more than the other
  • Uneven tire wear or tires wearing out faster than normal


At Automotive Diagnostic Specialties (ADS Auto Repair), we provide suspension and steering repair, upgrades, maintenance services, and top-of-the-line parts to replace your car or truck’s shocks, struts, differentials, steering boxes, tie rods, rack and pinions, bushings, and more.

When you bring your vehicle to ADS Auto Repair, we’ll conduct a complete system inspection and perform any necessary repairs. The service includes:

  • Thoroughly inspecting all struts, shocks, and springs for signs of wear or damage
  • Replacing damaged, worn, or missing suspension/steering parts that are not performing well or as intended
  • Making other steering and suspension repairs as needed to get you back on the road safely

(Please note that because replacement of suspensions and steering parts may change existing wheel placement or angles, a wheel alignment is always recommended when working on your vehicle’s suspension.)

Beyond standard suspension and steering services, we can also lower the center of gravity for performance to lift your vehicle up for maximum off-road clearance. Our state-of-the-art facility in Chandler, AZ has the latest technologies and skilled ASE-certified technicians to handle steering and suspension services in any vehicle.

If you are experiencing issues or simply are approaching a 50,000-mile interval, we highly recommend having your steering and suspension checked to help pinpoint issues before they become bigger, while eliminating premature tire wear and saving you money. Call us at (480) 961-8704 to schedule an appointment.